Make a breakthrough in
real estate operations and

Listing software

Create a web platform or app that showcases property,
allows filtering it, viewing, booking, and buying.

Property management

Software to manage properties, finances, operations
with the ability to visualize required data in a
convenient dashboard.

Back office and brokers software

Renew, cancel, and suspend leases, track the successes
of your agents, set reminders for your tenants, and
collect the rent.

Third-party integrations

Leverage data by connecting the tools and data
sources your business uses, to name only marketing,
financing, accounting, CRM, ERP, various APIs.

How we differ

Grasp of real estate needs

We know common needs real estate domain has and how to satisfy them ⁠by deep analysis
of business processes and implementing the right technology.

Operating on the macro and micro levels

We have experience in the total digitalization of huge industry processes as well as smaller
internal operations and procedures.

Efficiency of managing project resources

We strive to provide the most accurate and realistic project estimates and fit in deadlines.

Engagement models

Decide which model best suits your project

Dedicated team

Extend your staff with remote specialists that are
fully under your control. We take care of their
administration and professional development.

Product development

Bring your idea and commission a product. We
handle everything from business analysis through
the development and the product launch.

Contact us to
build the right product
with the right team