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operations and the
customer experience

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Customers expect retailers to be everywhere – at any
location and on any channel. They want to move across
devices seamlessly and enjoy a consistent experience

Blended retail

A big portion of customers use their phones while in
stores. Connecting digital experiences with in-store
actions is a major technological and business challenge.


All retail or ecommerce departments should preferably
be connected, operated from one place, automated
and work like a Swiss clock.


Shoppers expect retailers to connect with them in a
way that’s relevant and personalized. They want
companies to predict their wants and suggest products
at the right time and the right place.


Retailers work with lots of systems: ERPs, CRMs,
finance, logistics, analytics. Often, you want to connect
all these systems so they work in sync. That’s
where cross-integration can help.

Privacy and security

Your customers don’t want to lose their privacy or –
what’s worse – be robbed because of insecure
transactions. But privacy and security are also about
making users feel safe, building trust, and affinity.



Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure

IBM Cloud




How we differ

Working smarter, not harder

We investigate your unique business needs, do detailed planning, and provide smooth

No maintenance headaches

We use battle-tested technologies and architectures to deliver stable and manageable

Digital security

Encrypted money and data transfers keep your customers’ information protected from
fraud and phishing.

Engagement models

Decide which model best suits your project

Dedicated team

Extend your staff with remote specialists that are
fully under your control. We take care of their
administration and professional development.

Product development

Bring your idea and commission a product. We
handle everything from business analysis through
the development and the product launch.

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right product
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