Leverage data to make
faster and smarter

AI&ML services


Process big data sets, train algorithms and make smarter,
faster and cost-efficient decisions in real-time.

Natural language processing

Use machine learning techniques and NLP algorithms to
automatically understand natural language.

Advanced analytics

Use data-driven insights to open new opportunities,
make more accurate predictions and increase competitiveness.


Automate interactions with customers through messenger
interface and make it feel human due to AI.

Performance testing

Check if your system is able to sustain peak performance
without crashing.

Engagement models

Decide which model best suits your project

Dedicated team

Extend your staff with remote specialists that are
fully under your control. We take care of their
administration and professional development.

Product development

Bring your idea and commission a product. We
handle everything from business analysis through
the development and the product launch.

How we differ

Cunning engineering

Disrupt tech solutions that power your business model and increase your competitiveness.

Senior engineers

Senior specialists with advanced degrees in computer science and math.

Business-minded engineering

Game-changing tech ideas for making a measurable difference for the business first.

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right product
with the right team